Design Thinking + Lean UX

Aminda's strategic design process combines the empathy-based approach of Design Thinking with the focused iterations of Lean UX, bringing the right ideas to life!

Holistic Strategy

No matter which technologies or delivery channels you're targeting for your products, success depends on having an holistic strategy that effectively balances human needs and emotions with technical capabilities in order to achieve your desired business outcomes.

We Combine Design Thinking with Lean UX

The "Think, Make, Check" process of Lean UX is one of the most efffective tools we have to guide the creation of engaging and innovative experiences through focused design iterations and experimentation.

When combining the power of Lean UX with the empathy-based approach of Design Thinking, we bring the right ideas to life!

What We Do

Strategic Vision

Our experts listen carefully and masterfully balance the needs of your business, your users and developers to build a shared vision among your stakeholders that will strategically improve productivity and drive growth.

Conceptual Modeling

Complex systems require clear communication, therefore our digital architects create conceptual models to build a common unambiguous language for your stakeholders, upon which the right solutions will be designed.

Iterative Design

Working closely with your cross-functional teams, we lead an iterative and inclusive design process that insures the real problems are clearly identified, stakeholder's ideas are valued, and innovative solutions are explored.

User Validation

Following Lean UX practices, our experts rapidly build prototypes and mockups to bring the proposed solutions directly to your users, learning from their feedback, validating design decisions and iteratively refining the right solutions.

Discuss your project with us

Send us a note to discuss your project goals and learn more about our strategic vision, solution modeling, and digital/AI experience design services.