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For over 25 years, Aminda's digital architects have created innovative business-critical enterprise and consumer solutions that evelate the user's experience.

Digital Banking
Loan Origination & Servicing

Consumer/Enterprise - Mobile, Web

Aminda's principal director is building and leading the company's UX/UI team in supporting both long-term strategic direction and tactical UX design of business-critical platforms. Our UX leadership employs an iterative and collaborative Design Thinking process to meet customer needs across the entire loan life-cycle experience.

Personal AI
Travel Advisor 

Consumer/e-Commerce - Mobile, Web

Aminda architects are leading both the AI architecture and the strategic product design of a new AI service that instantly generates custom travel plans based on each traveler's personal interests and travel goals. Applying in-depth knowledge of neuro-symbolic AI, genarative AI, and lean design principles, Aminda iteratively designed, user-validated and implemented this innovative application and supporting AI platform.

Divine Dialogue
through Personal AI 

Consumer - Mobile, Web

Aminda AI architects have integrated Digie's symbolic AI with GPT generative AI to create a truly personal AI that enables users to experience simulated personal conversations with the divine entity of their choice.

Personal/Conversational AI

Consumer/B2B - Mobile, Web, Voice

It's not easy to make Conversational AI an engaging experience, it takes careful design to infuse intelligent personalization with empathy and emotion. Aminda's architects have designed and implemented a new neuro-symbolic AI system that intelligently organizes the user's digital life through the seemless integration of generative conversations and graphical interfaces.

Enterprise Surveillance

Enterprise - Mobile, Web

Aminda directed the US-based UX research and design activities for five enterprise surveillance applications, managed a 4-member design team, and balanced the needs of multiple business partners across agile development teams.

Goldman Sachs
Private Wealth Management 

Consumer - Mobile, Web

Aminda is helping SapientRazorfish provide exceptional UX/visual design leadership for their priority Goldman Sachs account, supporting the complete re-design of the client's Private Wealth Management responsive mobile/web application.

Consumer Healthcare

Consumer/e-Commerce - Mobile, Web

Our Principal Architect directed NTT Data's 5-member UX team to deliver a long-term strategic vision for their consumerism division's healthcare and insurance benefits digital platform, along with critical tactical designs to support new client engagements.

Bond Research
& Monitoring

Enterprise - Web

When Lazard needed a bond research platform to satisfy the unique needs of both traders and executive bankers, Aminda leveraged its iterative design approach to guide the stakeholders to a solution that eliminated their roadblocks, simplified business processes and increased their daily performance.

Expenses Management
& Invoicing

B2B - Web

When Expense Consulting needed a complete web solution to support their established consulting business, Aminda created a holistic strategic vision that guided their transformation into a scalable business, leveraging conceptual models, customer journeys, and Lean Startup principles.

Innovative Trading
Ops Platform 

Enterprise - Web, Desktop

Aminda used strategic design thinking to lead the creation of a business-critical operations platform that met the needs of a diverse user base, and in the process established design patterns that now served as a company standard across multiple enterprise solutions.

Sales Desk
Ticketing Portal

Enterprise - Web, Desktop

Leveraging design patterns that Aminda previously established, innovative solutions were achieved with a complete re-design of their sales ticketing platform to meet the needs of sales desks throughout the organization.

Strategic Vision
for Securities Lending

Enterprise - Web, Desktop

Aminda led the strategic vision effort that re-imagined an extensible platform to support the dynamic needs of Morgan Stanley's Securities Lending desk while providing a consistent and intuitive experience.

Service Center
Customer Experience

Enterprise/B2B - Mobile, Web

Aminda architected and designed a new vision for empowing retail service center representatives with everything they need to provide customers and clients with great service experiences.

Design Process
for Securities Platform

B2B - Web, Desktop

At Bloomberg's request, Aminda outlines an iterative and phased User Experience design process with an example from their business-to-business securities monitoring platform.

Investment Banker's

Enterprise - Mobile, Web

Aminda's architects incorporated the Goldman Sachs culture of excellence throughout the design of their business-critical InfoCenter that solved the mobile/web needs of their top investment bankers, enhancing their business relationships and deal opportunities.

Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise - Web

Supporting MassMutual's diverse employee base, Aminda designed a SharePoint-based enterprise portal for their experts to easily capture and classify their knowledge artifacts while providing intuitive access for all their employees.

Claims Review Platform 

B2B - Web

Aminda's Principal Architect served as VP Product Development and Consulting Services to transform the company’s TeamThink rule-based best-practices software from a pilot e-learning system into McKinsey&Company's flagship product.

Enterprise Ratings

Enterprise - Web, Desktop

Supporting Moody's enterprise platform transformation, Aminda helped re-envision their business-critical software to balance higher usability with technical extensibility.

Personal Medical Records
Online Portal

Consumer - Web

A person's medical records are deeply private and important information for each individual. Therefore, Aminda used empathy as the foundation of its design to create a satisfying personal experience that valued and protected their sensitive information.

Enterprise App 

Enterprise/B2B - Web

Aminda's expert leadership orchestrated a complete system re-design after multiple failed attempts by big consulting firms. Taking all stakeholder's feelings and needs into consideration and designing a common semantic model was the key to success.

Online Strategy
Backtesting Platform

Consumer - Web, Desktop

Our digital architect invented a better way to test and compare trading strategies online by listening carefully to the feeling and needs of both retail consumers and trading professionals. US Patent #8,051,000 for Trade Strategy Monitor Platform. 

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