Architects of
Digital Experiences

We transform complexity into engaging experiences that drive productivity and growth. 

Stratgic Vision

Aminda carefully balances your strategic business objectives with your user's needs and development capabilities to transform complex business problems into innovative and intuitive solutions that people love to use everyday.

AI Experiences

AI cognitive interfaces are being seemlessly merged with graphic interfaces to provide truly personalized, intelligent and emotionally satisfying experiences for both commercial and enterprise users.

Keeping it Simple 

Aminda's visionary architects are experts at designing systems and products that delight users with deep functionality and rich data, while keeping their experience highly intuitive and refreshingly simple.

Engaging Experiences

Engaging experiences doesn't just happen, they're the result of a clear and focused effort of empathizing with users to understand and meet their needs within an adaptive and personalized environment.

What Our Clients Say

“Aminda's principal architect led the complete re-design of Morgan Stanley’s BigMAC trading operations platform, turning our aging legacy system into a process-oriented solution that allows our trading assistants, managers and support clerks to increase their productivity while reducing costly errors. He confirmed my belief in a UX-first approach to software development, and I highly recommend that others trust his leadership to transform their enterprise applications!”

“It was his knowledge of securities trading and entrepreneurial experience designing/implementing an automated trading system through Aminda that set his work apart. Serving as Information Architect/Design Lead, Aminda's architect was responsible for the long-term design vision of Fidelity's active trader platform, in addition to the complete re-design of Fidelity's Wealth-Lab Pro automated trading platform. Through his leadership and teamwork he energized his clients and colleagues, and sets an example of hard work, innovation and collaboration.”

“Aminda's chief architect was on my team for a major redesign effort for one of our largest financial clients, I was so fortunate to have hired him. He comes with years of UX Design experience and much domain knowledge within the financial industry, is excellent in managing the client relationship, explaining design choices, conducting user research and disseminating the findings and recommendations. He's a mature UX professional and exhibits much leadership in managing his work and the client relationship.”

Discuss your project with us

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